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Ajami kassem explains What is Leadership Development and its importance

Ajami Kassem is a Nigerian businessman and he is all about steels and fabrications. He started working from a really young age and has been growing since then. In order to become a successful businessman, you have to have good leadership skills as well so that people follow you at every step and be with you from head to tow. Since he is in the business from many years, that tells that Ajami Kassem is not just a good businessman, but a good leader as well. If you want to learn leadership development, you can have a look at the life of Kassem Mohamad Ajami.

Read the below details as here, Ajami Kassem has explained what is leadership development

Leadership development refers to all those activities by which a person enhances his leadership skills and is able to work with his group. Its significance is that a person having good leadership skills can lead his people in a successful direction, which then ultimately helps them to reach their goals. People generally practice the leadership skills to get better and for that, they learn various other skills set which are necessary to be a good leader, such as listening ability, relationship building, , problem solving ability, conflict management,  positive thinking and self-development. Taking the time By learning all these skills, a good leader not only makes himself successful, but also helps his group members to be successful.

Below, he has explained what is the importance of leadership development

Leadership development is something which provides a person an understanding that how he can motivate other people around him, understanding the needs of people and help them reach their goals. One of the great characteristics of a good leader is that they influence their people in a sustained manner. Through leadership development, one can realize their potential and develop their competencies. This helps move them into more active roles, which help them reach their goals. Leadership development also inculcates the right conflict management and right decision-making abilities in a group. Apart from this, it also teaches them better communication skills, which helps them in building rapport with their people.

Another important aspect of leadership development is that it develops the ability to retain leadership for the organization. With the help of leadership development, organizations or business person develops a team of efficient leaders who help them in reaching the goals of the organization. It increases coordination and communication among leaders which helps in creating more consistent policies and programs among different areas of the organization. Leadership development is also a means of developing more stimulating and positive organization resources at a certain level. This not only develops the capabilities of the leaders, but also influences those in the organization who work with the leaders. Through leadership development, the organization develops greater competencies for its people, develops better leadership and thrives.

One this which is so great about Ajami Kassem is that when he started doing business, he become more and more successful with time and has never looked back. He has a beautiful and lovely family and despite being so busy in his business, he always spends time with his family and friends. Ajami Kassem has overcome numerous challenges to build a successful business that has made a significant impact on the Nigerian economy.

This also leads to the development of new leadership in the organization, which is very essential for the organization. With the arrival of new leaders, extensive preparations can be made for the expansion of the organization and this helps the organization to move to the next level. Leadership development not only prepares the organization for new leaders, but it is also a valuable experience for the new leaders. This allows the new leaders to enhance their capabilities in the organization and prepare to assume leadership responsibilities in the organization. Therefore, leadership development is very important both for the organization and for the new leaders. This leads to the growth and development of the organization which is possible with the arrival of new leaders.

Other important aspects of leadership development are:

  1. Developing Leadership Skills: Leadership development helps in developing leadership skills. It helps in improving leadership skills which are very important for the organization.
  2. Motivating people in the organization: Leadership development helps in motivating people in the organization. People like to work with a person in leadership who inspires them and boosts their enthusiasm.
  3. Greater Productivity in the Organization: Leadership development increases the productivity of the organization. A good leader helps people reach the objectives of the organization and uses their abilities to increase the productivity of the organization.

Ajami Kassem’s leadership style is one of the reasons why he has been able to achieve so much in his career. He has always been a kind of leader who is in every aspect and bit of his business. He always tries to understand the needs of his stakeholders, customers and employees and with always looking for ways to improve his organisation and working environment. Ajami Kassem also understands the importance of building a strong team to achieve success. He always focuses on hiring the right person for the job and continuously investing in training and development of his people. With this, he has created a highly skilled and motivated workforce for his organisation who are committed to the company and its goals. But, not only having the leadership skills makes you a good businessman, it takes a lot more than that.

Below, Kassem Mohamad Ajami has mentioned the points of a good businessman according to him, have a look.

  1. Successful business starts with ideas and the ability to execute them.
  2. Successful businessmen have good market information for their products or services and pass them on to their customers.
  3. Ensuring satisfaction for your employees is vital to a successful business.
  4. Successful businesses use new and advanced technology which makes them more productive.
  5. A successful business is able to face difficulties and adapt them to their situation to maintain their position.
  6. A successful business maintains the quality of products or services and supports them with a sustainable customer base.
  7. Successful businesses maintain good financial planning for their operations.
  8. A successful business understands its staff according to their abilities and skills and supports them to excel.
  9. Successful businessmen regularly evaluate their products and services so that they can be sold at stable prices.
  10. Ultimately, successful businesses adhere to the highest ethical values ​​and continually improve their work in harmony with them.