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Kassem Mohamad Ajami is a successful business person who is a normal human being who has a good attitude towards their customers.

Kaseem Mohammad Ajami

M.D. of saba steels ltd. Nigeria.

Kassem Ajami creates the vision and communicates it across Saba Steel Industrial Nigeria and MetalBerg. He leads the development and implements an overall strategy guided by a mission to serve growth, quality, and prosperity. A risk-taker and a believer that the journey is as significant as the outcome, he is the primary driver across the organization, constantly driving growth towards implementation and enhancement.

Kassem Mohamed Ajami heads a management team of executive leaders, including CFO, General Managers, and other significant key personnel, to oversee the entire operation running according to established strategic plans. Benchmarking, quantifying goals, and setting measurable results are part of his accurate and minute approach to measure and adjust towards success. Business careers span a wide range of industries, including finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and management. However, to be successful in any business sector, one must possess certain qualities that separate the best in the business from the mediocre.

Striving to be part of the social fabric that cradles his growing enterprise, Mr. Kassem Mohamad Ajami is very active within the community representing the organization within civic and professional associations and significantly involved at local, state, and national levels.

What qualities make him a successful businessman in Nigeria:

  1. Knowledge of business
  2. Should be hardworking
  3. Co-operative
  4. Courageous
  5. Should make decisions and initiate it
  6. Relationships with employees, customers
  7. Quality of the product matters

Some attributes of Kassem Mohamad Ajami include integrity, an understanding of time, creativity, and the right mix of confidence and humility:

  • An Understanding of Time. …
  • Confidence and Humility. …
  • Creativity.